Wasp Nest Decoy - 2 Pack - Hanging Fake Wasp Nest

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  • $8.50

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  • 2 pcs in a pack – Each Wasp Nest for both sides of your house or porch. 2 fake nests allows covering your entire yard
  • Simple and Safe – wasps avoid building new nests near another existing colony – it is their instinct. Wasp Nest Decoy works only on the territory where there are no real nests
  • Live in Peace - Keep your loved ones safe with using of paper repellent fake nests
  • Like Real - Wasp Deterrent made from durable paper. Measuring - 8,6 inches wide and 11,8 inches height. All this makes it an exact copy of real wasp nest
  • The best locations to hang the Wasp Nest Decoy are under eaves or under a tree. Use it any place what you want to clear of wasps: your yard, home, outdoor eating area, lawn, and camping

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